Talks For Feeling Inspired, Motivated & Transformed

Talks Created With Love, Awe and Wonderment by Suresh Padmanabhan

Want your Audience to Feel Inspired, Be Motivated, and Feel Transformed

Look No Further.

Invite Suresh Padmanabhan – Author, Inspirational Speaker & Life Designer

For Key Note Address or Any Speaking Sessions

Suresh Padmanabhan is a Subject Expert with 18 years Mastery on Money,

Wealth Creation, Eastern Law of Attraction, Mind- Body- Spirit and Motivational


His talks are authentic & original deriving a lot from practical insights of life. He

loves the wisdom of Ancient India and has deep wisdom to share which are

practical and can be applied on a day to day basis.

Suresh is a very intense and energetic speaker drawing on stories, anecdotes, and

dramatic demonstrations to drive a point deep into the subconscious mind.

“Presence” of the Speaker, the “Space” from where the wisdom pours and

Intense Understanding of the topic are very sacred for him.

Talks should be like a block buster movie having all the elements of feelings and

emotions. It should carry a high entertainment value along with impactful content

backed by stylised presentation. It should transport the audience into an

unforgettable journey.

At the same time it should leave a very deep impact on them to take a call of

action on their life. These are his philosophies on speaking.

Suresh is an author of 5 bestsellers, founder of 7 international original workshops

and an inspirational speaker since 18 years.  He has spoken to more than a million

people on various topics of self growth.

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