Simple Secrets to a More Positive You

Affirmations- Soak into Positive Feelings

Affirmations are positive statements which are to be said in present continuous

tense. One should repeat them with feelings to get maximum results.

As children we are taught to say Rhymes in a sing- song way. This embeds deep

into the subconscious mind. Also if you like a particular song it sticks into your

mind easily.  These are classic examples of embedding a thought and a feeling

into the subconscious mind.

Once they register in the subconscious mind, they start to create a new physical

reality. It starts to shape shift from the energy to matter.  This is how thought s

become things. When you imbibe these positive statements they create a positive

attitude and also over a period of time a positive behavior.

Here are some of the Affirmations-

I love the feeling of having plenty of Time and Plenty of Money.

I choose to feel good about my Money Flow Now

I am attracting plenty of Money easily into my life

In this book we have several affirmations. If you can repeat it regularly it will give

you awesome results in all areas of life.

How to get the best of the affirmation-

Take any one affirmation. Repeat it 11 times aloud preferably in a sing song

manner. You may repeat it more number of times for greater impact.

You may choose to write and say it aloud simultaneously for faster results.

Repeat it daily the first thing in the morning and just before going to sleep. During

both these phases your mind is very impressionable.

Say these affirmations with conviction, belief, passionately and smilingly. It is

preferred to stand whilst you repeat these affirmations.

Daily repetitions take this into your mind muscle memory. It programs your

subconscious mind. It changes your belief and makes it true for you.

Soon you will start to see yourself confident, calm, courageous, clear and most

importantly prosperous.

Being Positive does not last, neither does bathing. Hence I recommend

Affirmations to be done on a daily basis

This is an excerpt from his soon to be released new book- Good People Must

Make More Money

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