Understanding from a Legendary Story of Laila & Majnu

By Suresh Padmanabhan

Author, Inspirational Speaker, Transformation Specialist & Life Designer

See The World with Your Eyes Wide Open

I grew up in the world of stories.  Since childhood my grand-parents and parents

told me lots of stories through which I gained a lot of wisdom and some

remarkable aspects of life unfolded for me. I never bothered to check whether

the stories were true or false, and that is never important anyways. What is truly

important is the learning that the stories are meant to impart. If we can listen to

the stories with this perspective, each story can enlighten us and show us a

beautiful path. They also reveal a lot of insights which actually is the purpose of

I would like to narrate a beautiful love story of Laila and Majnu. Laila was a not so

beautiful and an ordinary looking girl who belonged to a poor family. While Majnu

was a handsome young man and was from a rich royal background. They both fell

in love. People wondered why Majnu chose a girl like Laila, when he could choose

from the prettiest girls belonging to the royal lineage. After all nothing between

the two really matched in the orthodox conventional ways the society looked at

match making!

One day Majnu’s father called him and said, “I can introduce you to the most

beautiful girls from our rich circles and you can choose the one you like to marry.

What do you really like in an ugly girl like Laila?” He wasn’t the only one asking

this but was echoing the emotions of everyone he knew.

When Majnu heard this question, he gave the most befitting reply to his father.

He said, “When you ask me what I see in Laila, I can only tell you that if you truly

want to see Laila then you need the eyes of Majnu. Only through the eyes of

Majnu one can see Laila!

My recent book speaks about the Business Communities of India. This is a first

book of its kind where secrets from many communities are shared.

This book is all about seeing Money, wealth creation, and amazing aspects of Life

through the eyes of the business community. It could be Marwaris, Sindhis,

Gujaratis, Parsis, Chettiars or any other money conscious community. If you can

see money and life through their eyes, something magically abundant will unfold

and your life will be truly beautiful.

The purpose of this book is to help you evolve into a better being. So all the

stories or narrations in this book revolve around a perspective that you have not

heard before! Your task is to pick whatever fits well in your life. It is like a super

market where everything is available, all options are openly displayed. Now you

must decide to pick whatever suits your needs.

I have always believed in powerful conversations. So even when, I am having a

personal time with my friends, I make sure that the topic is never frivolous. We

are all different beings and our uniqueness is so special that we must appreciate

as well as value his/her presence in our life. Thus all my conversations revolve

around progressive things in life!

A general conversation over phone or while sitting with Auto-rickshaw man can

be transformational for you! The only thing required is your awareness and

readiness to receive wisdom. Then a bird flying in the blue sky, a falling leaf from

the tree, the rising Sun and the magnificent full moon, all can be your teacher or

guru by revealing something magical about you and your life. All it requires you

being a keen observer and a learner.

Master the art of observing,  daily improve on it and your life will never remain

This is an excerpt from Suresh recent book- Street Smart

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