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A Special One to One Session with Suresh Padmanabhan

Author, Inspirational Speaker & Life Designer

Dear Fellow Travellers,

These are very interesting times, especially in India where we are on the cusp of

phenomenal growth. The future is very bright and promising for all who are

How many times have you paid for a Gym or a program and not able to follow

through fully.  Money, Time gets wasted.  Sadly the Goal is not accomplished. One

feels guilt, pain and regret.

How does one change all this and Forever?

Welcome to the world of mentoring and coaching.

Celebrities and Successful People do understand the power of a “Personal Coach”

or a “Personal Trainer”.  They are keen to move ahead at the speed of a Jet. Time

is the new currency of life. Speed is the new mantra.

Successful People understand the significance of a competent and wise expert to

guide and hand hold them to success.

Most important Mentoring should not be a chance event, it should occur in

complete awareness and a conscious choice.

I believe in Natural Mentoring. Mentoring should happen “naturally” and


You should feel the click in the first session itself. The process should be joyful,

relaxed and yet focused to create impact and lasting change in your life.

I believe life has to be elegantly designed around the most important person “You”

Simply because everything around you is just an extension and expansion of who

you really are.

I believe in the synthesis of the ancient Indian teachings with the modern

scientific western methods.

I believe that we all should strive to be “Balanced Beings” and have absolute

Mastery in all vital aspects of life like Money, Work or Business, Health and


Deep down if you desire and deserve to be successful, then seize the present time

and ride the wave of Prosperity. Get your act ready. Good Luck is coming your

way& it is God Sent.

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