Author, Inspirational Speaker & Life Designer

Suresh Padmanabhan is an Author, Inspirational Speaker & Life Designer and has

developed several designer systems which Mentor & Coach people in areas of

Money, Relationships, Wellness of Mind, Body and Spirit. His Mastery is enabling

You to Discover More of Yourself.

Suresh Padmanabhan was born in a family that upheld and followed the highest

Indian Vedic Tradition; this rich legacy became embedded in Suresh’s DNA so to

speak.  He calls it as a Divine Grace. All his original and authentic teachings

emerge from this sacred space.

Suresh consciously quit his high flying career in Information Technology after

realizing the true purpose and mission of his life.

He is an author of 5 bestsellers, founder of 7 international original workshops and

a Motivational Speaker since 18 years.  His first International Bestseller “I Love

Money” has been translated into 12 Indian and International languages.  His

recent book “Street Smart- beyond MBA” is amongst the top bestselling books of


His talks have been broadcast by Zee TV and Other Popular Media Channels. He

has spoken to more than a million people on various topics of self growth.

He loves the wisdom of Ancient India—the rich lineage of Rishi’s, Guru’s, and

Masters; feels the completeness in their teachings; and believes that India has

timeless wisdom to share to the world.

All his works will reflect this philosophy. He is proud to be an Indian and has taken

a pledge for the world to recognize the rich wisdom & heritage of India.

Suresh Padmanabhan firmly believes that the Material and Spiritual can co-exist

and his unique system combines both Eastern Processes and Western

Methodology to live a Life of Balance and Harmony.

His aim is to impact millions of people worldwide who are ready to raise their

level of consciousness in all vital areas, especially pertaining to Money, Life, and

True Spirituality.

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